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    You are looking for precision machines?

    We have modern CNC machine tools recognized brands, through which we are able to execute every detail

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    16 years on the market

    More than 30 years of experience

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    a fundamental factor for full satisfaction of the customer and the guarantee to gain market advantage.

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    We offer

    wide range of services in the field of conventional machining and using the latest technology and machines to CNC machining.

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    ISO 9001:2008

    We act according to the implemented quality management system complies with the requirements of the standard.

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    Optimal use of available capabilities

    Using and improving supervision of production processes

Company Antoni Zablocki general Locksmiths founded in 1999.

The company specializes in the machining of metals and plastics in the field of milling and turning machining centers.

The most important goal is to deliver products that meet the requirements of world, European and Polish technical standards and requirements and needs of our customers so that their satisfaction contributed to the development and strengthening the company's position in the market. We want the company logo was associated us and our customers with trust, credibility, professionalism in planning and [ ... ]